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Living Vision Kitchen Half Pint Coconut Yogurt

1/2 pint jar

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Living Vision Kitchen's Raw Vegan Young Coconut Yogurt is about as simple as a product can get. Don’t let the simplicity of ingredients deceive you. This yogurt is thick, lusciously silky and creamy with a mild tang that will ripen with time. Chaya’s Young Coconut Yogurt is a probiotic rich delight that is wonderful on it’s own, with fresh fruit, sprouted nuts, in smoothies, drizzled with honey or any other way you can creatively construct.

Ingredients: Organic Thai Young Coconut Water and Meat, Vegan Probiotics

Rupam's Daily Dental Rinse

1 oz dropper bottle

$13.04 +tax

This rinse can soothe gum disease, inhibit tooth decay and prevent plaque from settling on your teeth at night. Excellent companion to the One Drop Only Dental Soap.

Directions: Shake well before using and add 7-11 drops to a little bit of water, swish for 5-10 seconds, spit out and do NOT rinse. Best at night

Ingredients: Distilled water, tincture of organic oak bark, myrrh, chamomile, sage and neem. Organic essential oils of tea tree, cinnamon, clove, thyme and fennel. Flower essences of banana, lotus, snapdragon.

Transit Bar (Coconut Date Bar with Dried Plums)

1 bar (3" x 4")


A nutritious, delicious bar made from dried plums (prunes) and Medjool dates, Artisana coconut butter and coconut oil, dried coconut, sea salt, orange juice and zest. Sweet but not too sweet, and balanced by the fat in the coconut, these are a great snack to eat while on the go (“in transit”)—and the dried fruit might help with the other kind of transit, too!

Ingredients: coconut butter, coconut oil, dried plums, dates, Celtic sea salt, orange juice and zest Bar comes uncut and wrapped in brown butcher paper.

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and GAPS Diet-friendly. May contain pits.

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