We carry a wonderful variety of sourdough breads!  Whole grain, multi-grain and gluten free--a delicious selection from some of the most talented and nutrition-conscious bakers in the Bay Area.

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Bread SRSLY Gluten Free Classic Sourdough Bread

1 loaf

Bread SRSLY's classic sourdough loaf is moist, tangy, and perfect for toasting. Each loaf is cultured with a wild-yeast starter and fermented for over 15 hours, ensuring that it is easily digestible and packed with flavor...

Bread SRSLY Gluten Free Sourdough Rolls

4 rolls

Bread Srsly uses organic psyllium husks instead of xanthan gum to give these rolls their airy, crumpet-like texture. Like our loaves, these 4" Sourdough Rolls are made using traditional fermentation of organic millet, sorghum and arrowroot with a wild sourdough culture...

Grindstone Banana Barley Bread

24 oz. loaf

According to Grindstone Bakery: "Barley is a near perfect backdrop for this loaf because it allows the full flavor of bananas and nuts to come through."...

Grindstone Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin

24 oz. loaf

Quinoa and Millet ("QM") are "grains" with myriad vitamins, minerals (high in magnesium) and antioxidants, rich in fiber and proteins...

Grindstone Gluten-Free Dill Baguette

16 oz. baguette

Made following ancient baking principles this baguette has a hefty crust and a deliciously dense and chewy crumb with a delicate buttery flavor...

Grindstone Gluten-Free Plain Quinoa & Millet Loaf

24 oz. loaf

While the grains in this Quinoa & Millet loaf are not sprouted, the action of natural lactic acid bacteria present in the special culture Grindstone developed for this bread neutralizes anti-nutrients, breaks down proteins, and frees antioxidants from bran and germ to nourish and protect you.

Grindstone Sprouted Seed Spelt

24 oz. loaf

Grindstone's best-selling bread, this sprouted seed spelt loaf combines the unique nutty flavor of spelt with the crunchiness of sprouted sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds...

Morell's Bread Country Batard

32 oz. loaf

This classic, French-style, naturally-leavened loaf of 50% whole wheat, 50% unbleached white flour, is made of all organic ingredients...

Morell's Bread Rye

32 oz. loaf

Eduardo Morell uses 100% organic ingredients for this classic, German-style, naturally-leavened loaf...