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Find a haven from all the low-fat hype, a place where the highest quality traditional fats and oils are offered for your culinary delight. A little healthy fat is a great way to balance carbs, from bread or pasta to rice and beans, and to bring out the irresistible flavor of cooked meats. Praise the Lard!

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Seka Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

16.9 fluid oz.

In Store Only at this time
Séka Hills Premium Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is custom milled from the fruit of their 82 acres of high density Arbequina olive trees. Séka Hills estate grown olives are carefully harvested at the peak of ripeness. Transported immediately to the Séka Hills Olive Mill after picking, clean, fresh fruit produces the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Séka Hills Arbequina is ideal as your everyday olive oil and will be a flavorful addition to your favorite recipes. This is the olive oil we use in our kitchen.