Deep Hydration consistently one of Luminance's best-selling products. A wonderful anti-aging facial moisturizer. Rich with Tamarind Seed and Tamanu Oils; together acting very much like collagen. Formulated in a base of Organic Lavender Water for a wonderfully calming antioxidant and a lovely honey like fragrance. Blended with a carefully constructed ratio of Argan, Kukui Nut, Borage, Sunflower and Meadow Foam Oils. Along with a very therapeutic collection of CO2 extracted organic herbals. It just doesn't get any better. Anywhere. At any price. Deep Hydration Moisturizer is designed to penetrate quickly and leave your skin non greasy and silky smooth. Makeup can be applied within a few minutes.

Tip: This is a very rich cream and so if you happen to apply too much, simply find some more skin and spread it. The skin on your neck and top of your chest is the same skin that's on your face (very delicate). This is a good place to put excess cream.

Ingredients (All Organic or Wild-Crafted): Oils: Apricot Kernel, Grape Seed, Tamanu, Meadow Foam, Borage, Jojoba, Avocado, Sunflower Seed, Sweet Almond, Olivem, Lavender Water, RO Filtered Water, Floral Anti-Oxidants, Sea Buckthorn, Red Radish Root.

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