This Sockeye salmon is wild-caught at the peak of its ocean-going lifecycle, when an adult salmon is fully-loaded with nutrition. The Sockeye is then infused with fireweed nectar and lightly smoked with alder wood. Hand-packed in mason jars, based on Alaska Native traditions of preservation.


Ingredients: Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon, proprietary brine blend (water, sea salt, brown sugar, fireweed, blossoms, lemon zest), smoke from hardwood blend.


Ocean-bright Sockeye Salmon

Only wild, never farmed

Sustainably caught and handled with care

Minimally processed


16 grams of protein in every serving

850 mg of Omega 3 in every serving

200 mg of Omega 6 in every serving

Gluten and Soy Free

No artificial anything (no artificial flavors, MSG, colors, preservatives)

$1.50 Glass Deposit
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