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It can be hard to sort though the ever-shifting sea of information out there when it comes to supplements. We only offer products that we've researched thoroughly, and that we believe complement a food-based, nutrient-dense approach to health. We don't believe in magic bullets, but we do believe in carefully crafted tonics and carefully sourced traditional fats and high quality probiotics.

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Taproot Medicine Stabilizing Syrup

8 oz. bottle

A daily tonic for busy humans. Stabilizing syrup is a honey-based tonic made with adaptogenic herbs. An adaptogen is a plant that increases the body’s resistance to damaging long-term and environmental stress. When the body goes through a stress response blood sugar levels peak, help us through the stressful moment, and then taper off. Adaptogens help to ‘smooth out’ these changes in blood sugar, which in turn helps us feel less frantic and more flexible. This syrup is made with nourishing adaptogens also known for their immune support, warming spices, and nutritive berries. This tastes good, and makes you feel like a rockstar. Ingredients: Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus), schizandra berry (Schizandra chinensis) reishi, (Ganaderma lucidum), ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), licorice (Glycyrrhoriza glabra), milky oat tops (Avena sativa), nettles (Urtica dioica), rosehips (Rosa spp.), clove, star anise, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, goji berries, honey, filtered well water, maple syrup, a touch o’ brandy, and a wellness wish. Dosage: 1 Tablespoon daily (or much more, depending on your stress levels) Not recommended for pregnancy. Keep Refrigerated.

Taproot Medicine Strong Lung Syrup

8 oz. bottle

This herbal tonic is formulated to heal damaged tissue, ease breathing, protect the nervous system and process toxins through the liver. According to creator Freida Kipar Bay, "it tastes like the garden on a warm summer day."

Taproot Medicine will be donating half as much syrup as they sell to the Red Cross evacuee site at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, and to the Bodega Grange, for undocumented evacuees from the recent fires. 
Ingredients: honey, brandy and the following herbs (listed with their primary healing properties):
nettle - nourish and remove toxins
mullein - heal damaged tissue, process grief
thyme - clear cough, aromatic
rosemary - antioxidant, warming, digestive, energetically empowering
reishi - remove toxins, support immune, calm heart stress
elacampane/inula- ease breathing and expectorate
rhodiola - bronchio-dialator, adaptogen
milk thistle seed - liver protective, clears brain fog
anise seed - open and expectorate
marshmallow - moisten and heal tissue
orange peel - bitter, process toxins, liver support
rosehips - vit. c, astringing, harmonizing
licorice - harmonize, clear and moisten

Taproot Medicine Strong Woman Herbal Syrup

16 oz. bottle

Strong Woman Syrup from Taproot Medicine, a Bay Area herbal company, is an iron-rich, nutrient dense, delicious herbal tonic made for women of all ages to support the body in building blood and assimilating iron. It is safe and effective in providing the body with vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Iron is essential in transporting oxygen around the body, and women require twice the iron intake of men to replace what we give up in menstruating. Iron deficiency can be very common, affecting 20% of the world’s population. This tonic can be taken as a food supplement to support iron absorption, but if you think you may be anemic, please consult your trusted healthcare provider. Ingredients: dandelion root and leaf (Taraxacum off.), nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus), milk thistle (Silybum marianus),yellow dock root (Rumex crispus), milky oat tops (Avena saliva), alfalfa leaf (Medicago sativa), hawthorn berry (Crataegus monogyna), marshmallow root (Althea off.), rosehips (Rosa spp.), and raisins, goji berries, orange peel, spirulina, nutritional yeast, molasses, honey, pomegranate concentrate, filtered water, a touch o’ brandy (as a preservative). All herbs are certified organic or mindfully harvested. Dosage: 1-2 Tablespoons daily Keep Refrigerated.

Taproot Medicine Wellness Syrup

8 oz. bottle


If you've been using the Strong Child syrup, don't worry, this is the same formula with one more herb (ginger!) and a bit more reishi. Wellness Syrup is a slightly updated formula that is potent enough for adults and safe for children. (Frieda, the syrup maker, thought about calling it "instead-of-insurance syrup", but it wouldn't fit on the label. ) This medicine is formulated for deep immune support and nutrient absorption. It's meant to be taken during seasonal shifts, at the onset of illness, and for people with compromised immune systems (sleep-deprived, very stressed, elderly, coming off antibiotics). It's alcohol free (honey-based), safe for children, and uber local with Sonoma County honey, elderberry and jujube. It also makes an excellent 'sick drink' combined with apple cider vinegar, hot water, and crushed garlic. Ingredients: rosehip (Rosa spp.), elderberry (Sambucus nigra), milky oat tops (Avena sativa), jujube fruit (Ziziphus jujuba), reishi (Ganaderma lucidum), nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), orange peel, spirulina, ginger, nutritional yeast, cherry concentrate, honey, molasses, a touch o’ vinegar (as a preservative). All herbs are certified organic or mindfully harvested. Dosage: 2-4 years: ½-1 teaspoons daily, 4-6 years: 1-2 teaspoons daily, 6-12 years: 1 tablespoon daily. Remember, this is a safe, gentle formula, and the dosage is simply a suggestion. Feel free to experiment with how you offer this medicine as part of a meal. Keep Refrigerated.