Bake your own delicious and nutrient-dense cornbread, muffins, pancakes, or corn pone with this ready-to-bake batter! Especially well-matched this week with our Black Bean Chili. To make this very special batter, we have nixtamalized the cornmeal (steeped it in an alkaline solution) to release B Vitamins, and cultured the spelt flour with yogurt to neutralize phytic acid in the grain. Then we've added pastured eggs, melted lard (which is not only traditional, but is a good source of Vitamin D), and a gentle natural sweetener to make a delicious batter. Comes with baking instructions.

Ingredients: corn meal, whole spelt flour, pastured eggs, yogurt, pastured lard, sucanat, Celtic sea salt, pickling lime (calcium hydroxide), baking soda, baking powder

Recipe contains gluten and dairy and is not vegetarian. It is nightshade-free.

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