Bone Broth


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One of the things here at Three Stone Hearth that we’re absolutely known for is our bone broth! We produce hundreds of jars--at least 600-700--per week. This includes our Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork Trotter, and our most popular, Pastured Chicken Bone Broth. We also make some special seasonal or infused broths, such as Heritage Turkey Broth, Salmon Broth, Nettle Broth, our Infused Thai-Style Chicken Broth (Tom Kha) Vietnamese-Style Beef Broth (Pho Broth) and Far East Infused broth with Shiitakes and Chrysanthemum.


Bone broth has entered the mainstream in recent years--in some places it’s absolutely hot--but it’s one of the oldest and most basic nourishing and sustainable foods. So many people still go and buy the sad rectangular cartons from the grocery store, but more and more, people are coming back to the deep satisfaction and benefits of real, traditional, slow-cooked bone broth!


From joint pain to digestive health, bone broth is reputed to be something of a magical elixir. People know it as a great boost for bone and joint health, with all the collagen and bio-available minerals, but there is so much more. As we’ve come to understand how profoundly our digestive health impacts us, the benefits of bone broth in healing and helping to “reboot” our gut have have taken center stage. A few other benefits of bone broth:

  • It promotes healthier skin and hair. Look at all that collagen!

  • It’s a great source of protein.

  • It promotes the production of glycine! Glycine does so much in your body for digestive health and it has detoxifying properties.

  • It’s great for your immune system, that’s why you chug it like crazy when you feel a cold coming on.

  • Broth supports recovery from an illness or surgery. It’s more powerful than mylar balloons!


What makes our bone broth special?

While broth is growing in popularity, very few places make it with the same care and quality that we do. All our animal products at TSH, from meat and bones to eggs and dairy, come from grassfed or pasture-raised animals--that’s foundational for us. Our beef broth uses only the most gelatin-rich bones, and cooks for almost two days before we jar it. We used to joke that our chicken broth was so rich because our chickens have four heads and eight feet--we just add heads and feet along with mountains of roasted carcasses. Our pork broth is so rich that by the time we’re done cooking it, the bones have almost melted away!


I know it’s good for me, but what the heck do I do with it?!

Okay, you made your way to Three Stone Hearth (check!), you scoped out our brick and mortar store (check!) and you bought a jar or two or ten of Pastured Chicken Bone Broth (check!). Maybe your health practitioner recommended it, maybe you read an article or two. Now you get home and look at this jar. It’s staring at you. You’re looking right back at it. “I know you’re healthy for me and my family, but what do I do with you?”


  • Chug it!  Pour that baby in a pot,and drink a hot cup straight. My favorite way to have it, honestly. Add a pinch of salt, a smidge of pepper or some herbs a few drops of tamari or coconut aminos, while it’s heating.

  • Mmmm…miso:  Add your favorite miso!  Bone broth is the perfect base.

  • Start with breakfast!  Mud Hut’s favorite is super simple comfort: Egg Drop Soup. Heat some broth with a bit of salt and pepper, drop your egg, turn off the heat and stir a bit as it cooks up.

  • Stretch that Soup!  Have some leftover soup at home that’s too chunky? Add a jar of broth, it’s an easy way to get a few extra servings and max out the nutrition.

  • Make a sauce, demi glace or gravy...yummy!  Did you know that with some broth and a roux (a mix of equal parts flour and butter, or substitute another thickener if needed), you can make a veloute sauce? It’s one of the five “mother sauces” of French cuisine. You can make all kinds of sauces with broth. We do! One of the easiest is a pan sauce. Just add some broth to a pan that you cooked some chicken or beef in and let it simmer and reduce a bit. You can add your choice of thickener if you want a creamier sauce. Season to taste and boom! Pour it over meat, rice or potatoes. Or just let that pan keep cooking down to a concentrate--now you’ve got demi glace, and a little goes a long, unctuous way!

  • Substitute in your starches!  Have a recipe that calls for water to cook grains or beans? Use broth instead! Need a lower-fat, dairy-free version of mashed potatoes? Use some broth instead of cream and butter; this applies to any puree or mash that you may be making. Even cook your veggies in it for added flavor and nutrition.

  • Freeze it in ice cube trays or small freezer-safe jars. That way, broth is always just a pop away!


What do you like to do with our broths?  Add a comment below and share your broth wisdom and passion!