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Indian Style Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle

4 oz jar

This bold Indian-style pickle features a whole spice blend from Bengal called "Panch Phoron" made up of cumin, fennel, mustard, nigella and fenugreek seeds. This blend is toasted in sesame oil and then mixed with slices of fresh turmeric and ginger root, lime juice, and a bit of fermented Thai chiles for this brightly flavored relish. Turmeric, ginger, and fenugreek are all anti-inflammatory superfoods that also aid in digestion, so this pickle is medicinal as well as wonderfully delicious. 

It can be added to salads, soups and sandwiches, or stirred into one of our warm bone broths for a nutritious tonic. Try it on a slice of sourdough bread with a bit of chevre, farmers cheese, or yogurt cream! 

Ingredients: turmeric & ginger root, lime juice, olive oil, Classic Kraut brine (juice from green cabbage, Celtic sea salt), sesame oil (toasted & untoasted), fermented Thai chiles, Celtic sea salt, brown mustard seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds

Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, black pepper-free and Gaps Diet-friendly.

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