28 / January
Thanks LA Times, for Reminding Us Why We Do What We Do
The folly of 20th Century nutritional advice  -- we should know better by now
An opinion piece in Sunday's Los Angeles Times took issue with a recent and widely touted U.S. News & World Report cover story on the "best diets" for our health. Sadly, grains and vegetable oils are still recommended to the exclusion of healthy fats and animal proteins, even though increasing recent research is proving the nutritional superiority of the latter. 
The old "wisdom" is flawed, and in some cases has been highly corrupted by economic interests, but the much older wisdom, the wisdom of Ancestral Diets continues to gain appreciation and scientific support. If you haven't read about the travels and research of Dr. Weston A. Price and the Principles of Traditional Diets that grounds our approach at Three Stone Hearth, CLICK HERE.
To read the LA Times piece, CLICK HERE. But come back and order a jar or schmaltz (or tallow or lard)!