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Grindstone Gluten-Free Plain 100% Quinoa Loaf

22 oz. loaf

NEW - BY POPULAR DEMAND GRINDSTONE HAS REPLACED THEIR CIABATTA WITH LOAVES. According to baker Mario Repetto: "As always, you get the exquisite flavor of the organic whole quinoa that has just been stone ground and the true Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our friends at Pacific Sun in California. Toasted and with some more good California Extra Virgin Oil they are quite delicious. Quinoa has a very low glycemic index and has all the essential amino acids that we need for good nutrition, I normally have a few slices in the morning and they provide me with energy for the rest of the day. We have faithfully followed our ancient baking methods. Enjoy!"


Ingredients: Whole Quinoa* Stone Ground at the Bakery, Purified Water, Pacific Sun California Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Brown Rice Syrup*, Sonoma Sea Salt *Certified Organic

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