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We know that many of our customers depend on the uniquely nourishing foods we provide at Three Stone Hearth.  Several of our Cooks have offered to serve as personal chefs during our temporary closure. Since they will be laid off as TSH workers (or are  former staff and co-founders), any arrangements you make with them would be independent of Three Stone Hearth (they will all have access to our recipe database).

One way to make a personal chef arrangement more cost-effective would be to connect with other TSH customers in your area, and pool your resources to provide nutrient dense foods for two or more households.  [Is there a way we can facilitate this?]

Here is some background and contact information for the Cooks and TSH alumni who are available for personal cheffing during our temporary closure. 

Maddie Campion (camera shy) has worked in our kitchen a little over a year.  She would be happy to manifest any TSH recipes you’re missing during the closure.  She’s comfortable cooking with animal products, or vegetarian and vegan dishes, and would work with any dietary needs and sensitivities.  At home she especially enjoys baking, making cultured drinks and dairy. You can reach her at



Sonia Serrano is an experienced chef and recipe developer at TSH, and director of our Education programs.  Some of the dishes she has created for us include French Lentil Soup with Mushrooms and Kale, Winter Squash Soup with Nettles and Sea Vegetables, Cauli-roni and Cheese and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake.  She has a long background in food and cooking, ranging from the Culinary Institute of America to Bay Area food startups, back to her Spanish family roots of 40 years, where she grew up cooking among three generations of chefs, traditional Spanish & Catalan food in her family’s catering business near Barcelona.  Sonia also works with groups of women in underserved communities as a certified Life & Health Coach.

Located in San Francisco, she’s happy to prepare nourishing,  plant-based menus in a private commercial kitchen for a small group of Three Stone Hearth clientele.  Contact Sonia at



Cevie Toure  has been connected to TSH for more than four years.  She is a certified Natural Foods Chef and served as a cook cook and new recipe developer in our kitchen, and then became a part time lunch-maker while she went to school to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. .  Cevie’s approach is very much aligned with Three Stone Hearth’s — encouraging healing one bite at a time, through nutrient-dense soups, stews, vegetarian and vegan dishes from many cuisines around the world. She’s happy to tailor her cooking to suit any specific needs or sensitivities.  You can reach Cevie at  Check out her website at:


NellyNelly Vidauri
 has about a year of experience at Three Stone Hearth in baking and savory dishes from soups to stews to roasting proteins and veggies. She loves to use seasonal, fresh and local ingredients to help support small businesses and farmers. Nelly is comfortable with cooking different dishes and sweets from specialty diets including gluten free, keto and paleo. Her specialty is baking different wide ranges of desserts that are friendly to any lifestyle. You can reach her at