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The worker-owners await you with open jars!

To Our Customers and Greater Community,

Many of you are aware that last year we discovered the support structure for our roof was damaged and in need of extensive repair. By coincidence, after months of planning and preparation, the day we closed to begin the work in March was the same day the initial shelter-in-place order went into effect for Bay Area counties. 

Thankfully -- after a couple of delays related to covid restrictions -- the work was completed, and in August we moved everything back in and set up our kitchen to resume operations.

The food industry is in a state of extreme disruption, and our business is no exception. Due to the limitations of social distancing, and the financial consequences of being closed for five months, we opened with a limited menu at first, and are slowly expanding our offerings. We have minimal-contact and delivery options, and hope to bring back in-store shopping as soon as it becomes feasible again.

We’re doing the best we can to get up and running in a realistic and sustainable way, and have been working to meet the requirements for a conscientious response to the covid situation. 

We're looking forward to serving you and seeing you again — from six feet over!

Here's what you need to know about our reopening and our protocols and response to covid.



Ordering and Fulfillment

Note: our ordering and fulfillment options have changed since we closed in March. There is NO Brick and Mortar in-store shopping at this time. We are offering online pre-ordering with minimal-contact pickup or delivery.


Setting up a new account

If you don’t have an account with us, you need to set one up to be able to place an order. It’s easy and free. For fastest checkout, put a credit or debit card on file in your account.


Verifying an existing account

If you already have an account, login and confirm your account details, especially the card you have on file.


Please do not create a new account if you have created one in the past.  If you need any account assistance, including resetting your password, email


When can I place an order?

Our online menu opens for ordering every Sunday at noon. You can order anytime through the following Saturday at 8am. Our menu is not available for ordering from Saturday 8am until Sunday noon, in order for us to update inventory.


What are my order pickup options?

  • When you order, you can choose pickup options for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

  • If you order by 8am on any of those days you can choose same day pickup. 

  • When the menu opens Sunday at noon, you can choose pickup times beginning the following Wednesday.


Our order pickup hours are:

Wednesday 4-7:00pm

Thursday and Friday 12:30-5:30pm

Saturday 10am-4pm


Do you still take glass returns?

Yes. We will have a glass returns area set up in our parking lot during pickup hours. Return your glass before you come in (or get in line) to pick up your order. We will note the total number of TSH returns (size doesn’t matter, they’re all $1.50), and any Claravale and Evergreen Acres returns (which are $2.00), and place the credit on your account for your next purchase.


Can I bring in glass from before you closed in March, or from TSH purchases I’ve made at the Farmers Market.



Are you doing delivery?

Yes. We are delivering to Berkeley and the western portions of the East Bay, San Francisco and Marin.


Why aren’t you offering store shopping in your Brick & Mortar store?

In order to minimize the complexity of resuming operations, and mostly to confidently follow through on our covid protocols, especially the constraints of maintaining social distancing and sanitizing in our space.


Can I add something to my order when I come to pick up?

Not at this time, unfortunately. We will not be set up to place on-the-spot orders.


If I have glass to return from previous delivery orders, what should I do?

You’re welcome to return any glass and other delivery materials during our open pickup hours. We hope to schedule a pickup of delivery materials at some point, and will let everyone know when we do.


Are you planning any classes or other Education offerings?

Not at the moment. Our initial focus is on resuming production and sales operations. We hope to organize a Five Day Broth Detox and a Five Week Food-Based Cleanse, with online support, during the fall.


How can I stay up-to-date on your menu changes and other information?

If you don’t receive our email newsletter, click here to sign up. We will be adding new items to our menu, expanding order pickup hours, reinstating delivery, and providing information on products that can support resilience and immunity.



We have had a team working since June to research appropriate measure to take and to keep current with all government requirements.

For our employees and others entering the building on business: 

  • Every employee has been tested for covid before returning to work.

  • All employees, as well as any vendors, delivery drivers or other visitors, are required to perform a symptoms self-assessment, including taking their temperature, and to sign in and out of a log so we have a way of tracking who was in the building in case someone reports symptoms or a positive test later on.

  • Anyone who is experiencing symptoms should either not come in to work, or if at work, report to a member of our covid team and go home (or seek medical attention) immediately. The covid team will carry out a risk assessment of the situation. If a worker has been in close contact with anyone who experiences symptoms or gets a positive test result, they must inform the covid team so that we can do a risk assessment and take appropriate measures.

  • Social distancing is required at all times. One of the main reasons we’ve limited the scope of our menu is to ensure the kitchen can operate while maintaining six-foot distancing. In every area of the company, we are doing what we can to allow people to maintain social bubbles while working.

  • Face coverings are required at all times. We provide clean masks to our staff, and wash and sanitize them daily. Everyone is encouraged to take a “breather” outside whenever they need to get some fresh air and take off the mask.

  • We have developed a protocol for staff meals so that everyone maintains social distancing, food is prepared and served by one person, and indoor eating areas are sanitized after use.


In our facility

  • As mentioned above, anyone who enters the building (excluding customers) must perform a symptoms check and sign in and out.

  • Our City of Berkeley Site-Specific Protection Plan (SPP) is posted for anyone to review.

  • In the process of moving back in after our roof renovation project, we have cleaned and sanitized all our equipment, shelves, tables and desks, all our kitchen implements and containers (hundreds of them!), computers, phones, etc.

  • We have worked with our cleaning supply partners to get the most effective, food-safe cleaners and EPA-approved sanitizers to use throughout our space.

  • We have redesigned the space to accommodate social distancing in every area of work, from kitchen production to fulfillment and office work.

  • We are prohibiting the use of air conditioning, fans or air blowers, and working with outside specialists to ensure that our ventilation and air flow is both effective and safe.

  • All our group meetings are being held virtually, so that even people in the space can maintain distance.

  • We implemented a comprehensive procedure for receiving deliveries and interfacing with delivery personnel.

  • We implemented a new procedure for accepting, sorting, storing and washing glass returns to keep them segregated from any sanitized material.


For our customers

  • Social distancing and face coverings (except where medically contraindicated) are required for all customers.

  • Customers will wait in line as needed to ensure that we are serving no more than two to three people at a time (depending on how many order fulfillers are present at the time).

  • Hand sanitizer and gloves are available for all customers as you enter the building.

  • We have set up three separated tables for customers to receive and pack their orders.

  • Customers may bring their own bags or boxes, and we will offer bags and boxes we have while supplies last.

  • We have carts available to help you carry or roll your order out to your car, which will be sanitized after each use.

  • Our public restrooms are open to customers during pickup hours, and they will be sanitized regularly. They are wheelchair accessible.

  • Only trained and certified service animals are allowed in the building.



What do I do if there is a problem with my delivery or the products in my order?

If there is a specific problem with products included in your order (wrong product or quantity sent, for example), or any problem with your delivery (timing, location or placement of delivered order, or product damaged in transit) contact  We generally respond more quickly to emails than to phone calls.


What Covid-19 protocol are delivery drivers following when making deliveries?

We have implemented protocols for no-contact deliveries. All delivery materials have been sanitized prior to packing the orders. The driver does not enter your home, or open orders once they are packed. The driver uses gloves and hand sanitizer in between deliveries.


Are you taking back delivery materials and glass from previous orders?

Yes. The driver will keep the return materials separate from delivery orders (bins, white boxes, ice packs, silver space bags and glass). Materials will be brought back to TSH to be cleaned and sanitized before being put into circulation again. Please be sure to include a completed Delivery Returns form with account holder name and email, with the number of clean glass returns. 


Do you want all delivery materials returned?

We would like you to return clean jars and bottles, the plastic bins, styrofoam coolers, gel ice packs and silver “space bags” from your order. Please reuse, recycle or dispose of anything else, such as paper or cardboard, egg cartons and plastic bubble wrap.


Can the driver take back delivery materials from my current order being delivered?

No. The driver needs to maintain appropriate social distancing when delivering and is on a time schedule.


Once my order is sanitized and packed, does the driver keep it separate from other delivery materials and glass returns they are picking up? 

Yes, the driver will keep new orders and returned materials separate during the course of their delivery run.


Why isn’t the driver collecting the delivery fee like they used to?

For many years our drivers were independent contractors who were paid directly by customers. We are now bringing our delivery operation “in house,” collecting the fees directly through our website, and hiring delivery drivers as TSH employees. This will save on the work involved in collecting delivery fees and supports a contactless process. As you select your delivery method when placing your order, you are agreeing to be charged the delivery fee through our online system.


Are you interested in accepting donations of any extra Mason jars or glass Gerolsteiner bottles I have?

Yes, we would be happy to accept donations. Please don’t include these items on your glass return form. You may have heard about the national supply shortage of Mason jars, and it may not be until well into next year that our supply chain returns to normal. These need to be clean, unchipped, unbroken and packed securely for transport. 


We would be grateful for donations of any of the following: wide mouth 24-ounce jars, pints and half pints, narrow-mouth half pints and 4 ounce jars. We do not need quarts, narrow mouth pints, 12-ounce jars or other odd sized or shaped jars. We can also use glass Gerolsteiner mineral water bottles in 750 ml and 330 ml sizes.