01 / September

State of the Hearth: New season, New menus, new year!

You may notice when you order online that our menus are numbered through the seasons: Autumn 1-13, Winter 1-13, Spring and Summer. Today we're launching our Autumn 1 menu, which starts a new annual menu cycle. Along with certain bureaucratic rituals, it brings feelings of cyclical change, completion and renewal that coincide with the spirit and practices of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

How did we all make it through the last year? How have our lives been disrupted, reconfigured, and perhaps forever changed? Where have our priorities, relationships and sense of purpose landed? How are we showing up to face the future?
In our little corner of the world here at TSH, we weathered a five-month closure to fix our roof that began the same day covid hit the Bay Area. We reopened a year ago to all the uncertainties facing small businesses, especially food businesses. Will we survive to the end of the year? How will extreme drought, fires and multiple supply-line disruptions affect our ability to make our food and run our business? How will the ever-rising cost of housing in the Bay Area affect our ability to hire staff and pay enough for people to live here? How will we show up to the challenges of racial and social justice that cannot be ignored?
We've kept things lean, tried to keep our priorities focused, and to foster a culture of collaboration, shared dedication and mutual support within our walls. More than anything else, that culture has sustained us. Appreciating each other, jumping in to help, meeting people where they are, airing our differences, keeping the mission paramount, rolling with the punches.
We've been lucky in many ways. Added unemployment benefits kept our staff from having to look for other work while we were closed. PPP loans helped us weather the worst of times, and even make some much-needed investments in our operations. The diligence of our covid team has ensured the safety of our staff and everyone who comes into the building. And last Fall, four experienced staff members made the commitment and went through the process to become worker-owners, adding their talents and energy into the collective engine that keeps things going here. So here we go with our Autumn 1 menu!
A Happy and Sweet New Year to everyone!