03 / October
Starting this week, you're going to see some new variety on our menu!
Since Three Stone Hearth opened in 2006, we've offered a different menu of housemade foods every week, with one item in each category: chicken soup, "meaty pint," infused broth, pâté, vegetarian side dish, baked casserole, dressing, baked
dessert, pudding or gelatina, etc.
Now, we're expanding our menu to feature more than one dish in some of these categories, and we're going to offer that menu throughout the month of October. We've curated this menu to include many of our most popular dishes, which hopefully means you'll see some of your favorites here and will be happy to see them available on a regular basis. In the coming months, we plan to continue adding more dishes and expanding the menu even further.
Around 400 of you participated in a survey this past Spring exploring the re-design of our menu, and we greatly appreciate that feedback. The preferences you expressed in the survey, and in many individual conversations we had with customers, were instrumental in guiding us through this change. 
Here are some highlights of our expanded, monthly menu
  • Two chicken soups: starting the week after this, along with the Chicken and Rice with Brazilian Coconut Sauce and Thai Style Infused Chicken Broth with Coconut Milk (Tom Kha), you'll see our classic Chicken Vegetable Soup (Mirepoix) on the menu.
  • Two vegetarian/vegan soups: Tuscan White Bean Soup with Seasonal Greens and Creamy Carrot Ginger Soup
  • Two vegetable side dishes: Creamed Greens with Coconut Milk and Pickled Beets, as well as our Lentil Veggie Burger Dough (plus a weekly pesto or other vegetarian "Four Ounce Gem").
  • Two jarred desserts:  Coconut Chocolate Pudding and Hibiscus Gelatina with Coconut Cream
Basic items we offer every week remain on our menu, such as our Bone Broths, Oatmeal, Golden Blend, Mayonnaise and Transit Bars. A few items will remain on a weekly or seasonal rotation, including pestos, sauerkrauts, pickles, hot sauces and our frozen meat patties, mini meatloaf or marinated chicken drumsticks. The variety and seasonality of our incredible fermented beverages will continue as always. And there will always be small-batch "store specials"  appearing now and again -- such as the Chicken Coconut Tikka Masala on our menu above.


Why We're Making this Change
We want to offer more variety and more of your favorite dishes on a regular basis, while streamlining our operations to increase efficiency, consistency and control costs. 
Our commitment is to continue providing the most nourishing and delightful foods, made from the highest quality ingredients and based on time-honored culinary traditions. These changes to our menu structure will support that mission and support the sustainability of our business, especially as ingredient costs and the cost of living in the Bay Area rise. The work of planning and executing an entirely different menu each week while keeping a handle on ingredient costs amid all that change can be challenging to a small business. Improving our efficiency through this more consistent menu structure will also help us keep our foods as affordable as possible. 
Thank you again for your feedback, for being such engaged members of our community, and for your continued support of our kitchen! And please keep that feedback coming -  we are here to serve you. Email us anytime at
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Coming later this month: expanded hours for our store!

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oh no!
10/7/2019 9:51 PM

This makes us only want to order one time a month instead of weekly as it is the same menu as last week.

400 people wanted this?
10/8/2019 11:23 AM

Congrats, I think you just figured out a way to slash your revenue by 75%. One of things that makes this work as a weekly order for me is that it's a different menu every week. I love the Brazilian coconut, but four weeks in a row? No thanks. On the off chance that I'm misunderstanding this, you might want to consider a little more outreach to your customers explaining how it's to their benefit. Not seeing it.

Current Menu as well as future
10/11/2019 3:21 PM

For those who want to drop in... would be so wonderful to know the current menu. I walk a bit over a mile, but would skip it if I knew for sure what I seek won't be available.

Thank you for considering a current-week's offerings (maybe w/o photos, just description from the "to order" menu that was online the prior week)


I like idea of repeating core items
10/11/2019 3:22 PM

This way if I cannot get there in one week, I can still get it the next.  

menu makes no sense
10/12/2019 8:53 AM

I'm not sure who you polled, but it wasn't me.  I'm a long-time three stone hearth customer and I'm perpetually confused because you NEVER list what dishes you actually have in the store but instead list the items for next week.  I've asked SO MANY TIMES for you to PLEASE list on your website what menu items you actually have in the store.  It's Saturday and, as usual, I would like to come by and get some soup and have no idea what's actually in the store.

feed back on the menu change
10/14/2019 8:29 PM

Did we miss something? I read your Monthly Menu Announcement --  but understood that you would still be weekly cycling some of your foods.

I understand that Drago and I are not your "typical" customers; we recognize when we come in that we are purchasing many more foods from you -- than your average order.
We eat TSH food rather than eating out! In any given week we eat 3-4 main meals based upon TSH foods; and 1-2 lighter meals.

Having said that, the two items we consistently order every week are the "meaty pint" (usually 2-4 each week), and the "casserole" tin (again usually 2 or more). It looks like both of these items are now moving to the "monthly" menu.  Which apparently means you will not be cycling through them on a weekly basis. (THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM FOR US -- GIVEN THE SHORTNESS OF THE NOTICE WE RECEIVED OF THIS CHANGE!)

We buy multiples because we freeze the additional items -- and use them during weeks when they are not offered. If these items are now going to be monthly that means I have to buy enough quantity to last 4 months? or 6 months. What is your rotation of these items going to look like?

We love your food -- and we have depended upon your braised meat main dishes. Could you please clarify what your intention is concerning the meaty pints and the casseroles? Thank you. Paula