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Winter Squash Soup with Nettles and Sea Vegetables (Vegan)

22 ounces in a 24 oz jar

A new recipe that combines local butternut squash and tender nettles in a vegan broth infused with a light miso and delicate, nutrient-dense bull kelp, harvested off the Northern California coast by Julie Drucker of Yemaya Seaweeds. This lovely sea vegetable is in decline due to ocean conditions and may not be available much longer.
Ingredients: butternut squash,* onions,* nettles,* leeks,* cabbage,* South River Chick Pea Miso (deep well water, lightly polished brown rice,* chickpeas,* sun-dried sea salt, sea vegetables, koji culture*) wild-harvested bull kelp, ginger,* lime zest,* makrut lime leaves*  (* = organic)

Recipe is vegan, dairy-free, nightshade-free, black pepper-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

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