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22 oz. loaf

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Young Kobras gluten-free sourdough bread is made with simple organic ingredients. No preservatives or gum! Fermented for over 12 hours, the loaves of bread are hand baked in the SF Bay Area. Try it toasted with your favorite spread. This delicious bread is packed in compostable packaging. 

Young Kobras bread is fresh and preservative-free: Refrigerate (up tp 2 weeks) or freeze (up to 3 months) IMMEDIATELY upon arrival. 

Ingredients: Sourdough starter (water, organic brown rice flour), organic sorghum flour, organic millet flour, organic tapioca flour,
organic psyllium husk, organic green olives, sea salt, organic apple cider vinegar, organic rosemary

Note: If you place an online order you will receive the bread frozen. If you shop in our Store, you will find it either fresh or frozen. 

Frozen -- Cauli-Colcannon (Pint)

1 pint jar

$1.50 Glass Deposit
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A twist on traditional Colcannon. This version features cauliflower mashed with plenty of ghee from Straus butter, then combined with sauteed leeks and kale for this low carb take on the classic Irish side dish.

Ingredients: cauliflower,* leeks,* kale,* housemade ghee,* Celtic sea salt, black pepper*  (* = organic)

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, nightshade-free, GAPS Diet friendly and contains dairy in the form of ghee.

Keller Crafted Meats Uncured Rustic Sugar Free Bacon - Sliced 8 oz.

8 oz

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Keller Crafted Meats is Farm Direct. They connect you to the Farmer.

Keller Crafted Meats' approach is straightforward. Part craft, part passion. Their products are crafted by hand by seasoned experts, most of them with 20-30 years of experience. They developed their style from the European classical approaches. Over time, they've learned and innovated, making each batch better than the last. Their goal is to create great-tasting products that help support our farmers' use of the entire animal, profitability. We buy certified organic spices and our preservation techniques are organic-compliant.

The pork comes from slower-growing heritage bloodlines that have been selected for old-world quality. The pork is raised on a diet free of corn and soy – the feed and the pork are Non-GMO Project Verified. No antibiotics ever. The Food Alliance certifies the farm with its holistic farm audit certifying its sustainable, humane, and fair farm worker practices.

Sugar-Free Bacon (Frozen) 

This is an ideal minimalist bacon for those who prefer savory tastes. For this bacon, Keller Crafted focused on the pork and then simply intended to complement it.

No added sweeteners, or other ingredients that you can't understand which is rare to find when it comes to bacon. Their rustic, honest bacon is just pure natural smoke, sea salt, and that remarkable pork flavor.

  • Sugar-free
  • Made with corn and soy-free non-GMO pork
  • (Uncured) Cured with celery powder, smoke, and sea salt
  • Humanely raised on a family farm where the hogs are grown outdoors for natural vitamin D
  • Prop 12 compliant

This bacon would pair nicely with recipes that include onion or garlic such as a delectable, stir-fry, burger, or pasta carbonara.

INGREDIENTS: Pork (Klingeman Farms No Soy Pork), Water, Sea Salt, Celery Juice Powder