Staff Picks

Coracao Gratitude Collection 6 Piece Truffle Box

4.2 oz


Celebrate the loved ones in your life with this decadent vegan truffle collection, curated to convey gratitude. Inside are six truffles dipped in silky smooth 81% dark chocolate, made with Certified Organic ingredients, sweetened with coconut sugar, and lovingly handcrafted with Fair Trade cacao from South America. 

What's Inside:

1 Tangerine Fudge Truffle: A sweet tangerine-infused fudge ganache + 81% dark chocolate

1 Raw Fudge Truffle: A velvety chocolate ganache + cacao nibs + 81% dark chocolate shell

1 Raspberry Fudge Truffle: A sweet raspberry-infused ganache with dried raspberry topper + 81% dark chocolate

1 Strawberry Coconut Cup: A bright, fresh strawberry coconut filling + 81% dark chocolate

1 Hazelnut Cream Heart: Smooth rich hazelnut cream + cacao & MCT oil + 81% dark chocolate

1 Salted Caramel Cup: Sumptuous whipped cashew butter caramel + Pacific Flake Salt + 81% dark chocolate shell

Ingredients: Cacao*†, Coconut Sugar*, Cacao Butter*†, Almonds*, Hazelnuts*, Cashews*, Yacon Syrup*, Coconut*, Cacao Powder*, Strawberry*, Raspberry*, Cacao Nibs*, MCT Oil*, Coconut Milk Powder* (Coconut Milk*, <0.5% Tapioca Maltodextrin*), Vanilla Bean*, Himalayan Salt, Stevia*, Lime*, Turmeric* & Tangerine Oil* (*Organic, †Fair Trade)

Contains almonds, cashews, hazelnut, and coconut. Made in a facility processing other tree nuts.

Weight: 4.2 oz

MATZAH Cult Crackers Cassava

10 oz. bag


Cult Crackers are a Swedish-Style Cracker baked by hand here in Berkeley. The Matzah's a seasonal special, only produce for just a few weeks. 


Organic Cassava flour, Organic Sunflower seeds,  Organic Sesame seeds, Organic Flaxseeds, Organic Chia seeds, Organic Pumpkin seeds, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Hemp seeds and Himalayan salt

  • Gluten free & Grain free
  • Organic
  • Baked by hand
  • 6-7 matzahs packaged in a compostable bag
  • NOT Kosher and NOT Kosher for Passover