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By Nieves Cloud of Protection (4 oz.)

4 oz. Spray Bottle

$18.31 +tax

Envelop yourself in a Cloud of Protection safe from illness, bad vibes and stinkiness. When there’s sickness in the air it’s nice to have a defense at your fingertips. Essential oils work very effectively on airborne pathogens. The essential oil molecules are very small. They stay suspended in the air a long time, providing you with a shield from airborne bacteria and viruses. Cloud of Protection makes a great hand sanitizer. Simply spray into the palm of you hand rub hands together and voila: fresh hands. Cloud of protection is also a blessing to have available if a person or locale needs a little perking up! Use to freshen a room, car or your mood.

Ingredients: Water, neutral grape spirits, juniper needle, juniper berry, eucalyptus, lisea cubeba, cedar, benzoin, and rose essential oils.

Yume Boshi Umeboshi Salty Plums 9oz.

9 oz. jar


Yume Boshi founder Ayako Iino grew up eating her mother's house made umeboshi pickles. She founded Yume Boshi in 2013 as the fruit on the ume plum trees became ripe in Northern California. Using traditional methods Ayako set to work transforming the tangy fruit she sources from small local orchards into pickles. Koume is a style of umeboshi pickle that is made with a different variety of ume plum. The fruit is smaller and more delicate. Soft, tangy, salty, bright red color --- that same taste but it can be used with less impact. Great for rice balls or for bento box. Umeboshi is a savory ume plum pickle eaten as a condiment for rice every day in Japan. She uses locally sourced plums and traditional methods of preparation. Ume plums are salted, flavored with red shiso leaves, and then dried under the California sun to make umeboshi. The ultimate companion for a bowl of plain steamed rice. (Mix in small amount as you wish.) Stronger taste than your usual pickle - a little goes a long way!?? Ingredients: ume plums, sea salt, red shiso leaves No need to refrigerate, but keep in cool place.

Middle Eastern Pesto (Zhoug) (Vegan)

4 oz. jar

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Originating as a Yemeni dish, but a common pesto throughout the region, Zhoug uses either cilantro or flowering coriander (cilantro that has moved to the flowering stage) as the base for a zesty and earthy green puree. It has a bit of heat, but we keep our version on the “family-friendly” side. Zhoug makes a wonderful accompaniment to grilled meats or vegetables. 

Ingredients: cilantro,* olive oil,* garlic,* fermented serrano chiles,* lemon juice,* black peppercorns,* caraway seeds,* cumin seeds,* preserved lemon brine,* Celtic sea salt, cardamom seeds*  (* = organic) 

Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and GAPS/Paleo Diet-friendly.