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22 oz -- Chicken Vegetable Soup (Mirepoix)

$1.50 Glass Deposit

This old-fashioned chicken soup features local carrots, leeks and celery sauteed with fresh herbs in the traditional mirepoix, then simmered in mineral-rich bone broth with plenty of chicken. It is finished with fresh herbs for a nutritive and delicious soup that also makes a perfect base for Chicken-Noodle, Chicken Soup with Rice or Matzo Ball soup. 

Ingredients: chicken bone broth* and meat,* leeks,* onions,* celery,* carrots,* parsley,* chicken fat,* thyme,* sage,* rosemary,* Celtic sea salt, bay leaves,* Allstar Organics celery salt*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, black pepper-free, nightshade-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

22 oz -- Black Bean Chili with Ground Beef

$1.50 Glass Deposit

This chili starts with local, grassfed ground beef, and includes California-grown Pleasant Grove black beans, carrots, celery, onions, tomato paste, garlic and mild savory spices. Unlike probably any other chili you've ever eaten, ours is enriched with bone broth and a bit of beef beef liver for added nutrition. Try topping it with a dollop of our Yogurt Cream or some shredded Sierra Nevada raw cow or goat cheddar!

Ingredients: grassfed ground beef,* beef broth,* black beans,* onions,* carrots,* celery,* tomato paste,* garlic,* beef liver,* cumin,* oregano,* marjoram,* paprika,* apple cider vinegar,* Celtic sea salt, aji chile paste (aji chile,* water, citric acid), housemade chili powder (pasilla, guajillo, sweet paprika,* onion powder,* oregano,* cumin),* black pepper,* coriander,* smoked paprika,* cinnamon,* bay leaves,* chipotle powder,* cayenne*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) considers black beans "legal" while the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) considers them "illegal." 

Caribbean Cream of Greens Soup (Callaloo) (Vegan) -- 22 oz

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Versions of Callaloo can be found throughout the Caribbean. Ours is closest to the one you might find in Grenada -- a creamy puree of greens rich with coconut milk. While traditional versions often feature taro greens or amaranth, the soup is easily adapted to whatever leafy greens flourish locally and in season. This week we're featuring a mix of collard greens, spinach and dandelion greens. A hint of ginger, garlic, coriander and nutmeg augment the natural richness of the greens, and plenty of coconut milk forms the base.

Ingredients: collard greens,* spinach,* coconut milk (guar gum-free),* onions,* dandelion greens,* coconut oil,* garlic,* lemon juice,* ginger,* Celtic sea salt, black pepper,* coriander,* nutmeg,* mace*  (* = organic)

Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nightshade-free and GAPS/Paleo Diets-friendly.

Sunny Cream of Tomato Soup (Vegetarian) -- 22 oz

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Coconut milk and tomatoes come together in this comforting pureed soup, made with onions, tomatoes, herbs, spices and a touch of honey to balance the acidity. Heat and eat as is, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top or add some nutritious bone broth. Great with a grilled cheese sandwich for a classic combo. 

Ingredients: Native Forest coconut milk (guar gum-free),* crushed tomatoes,* onions,* tomato paste,* coconut oil,* Celtic sea salt, unfiltered honey, bay leaves,* black pepper,* cloves*  (*=organic)

Recipe is vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

Thai-Style Ground Pork (pint)

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Our meat-dense pint. Inspired by a traditional recipe from Northeastern Thailand and Laos called Larb Moo, this tasty dish brings together ground pork with galangal (a root similar to ginger, but less spicy and more floral), Makrut lime leaves, fish sauce, cilantro and scallions for a delicious and aromatic dish that would be perfect over rice. Larb Moo is typically eaten room temperature with lettuce leaves, and you could try that with this dish as well. 

Ingredients: ground pastured pork, pork bone broth, onions,* scallions,* cilantro,* lime juice,* Red Boat fish sauce (anchovies, sea salt), galangal,* beef liver,* lime zest,* unfiltered California honey, Celtic sea salt, red chile pepper flakes,* Makrut lime leaves  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, black pepper-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

Cottage Pie with Cauliflower Mash


Grassfed ground beef is sauteed with onions, tomato paste, and herbs, then baked under a layer of mashed cauliflower. Folks on the GAPS diet and those avoiding carbs can enjoy this nutrient-dense variation on the classic Cottage Pie. 

Ingredients: grassfed ground beef,* cauliflower,* onions,* beef bone broth,* tomato paste,* butter,* parsley,* beef liver,* Celtic sea salt, thyme,* sage,* white pepper,* bay leaves*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, black pepper-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

Frozen -- Hamburgers


Grassfed ground beef is mixed with minced onions, herbs, sea salt, and pepper, and enriched with beef liver for a nutrient-dense patty. These raw hamburgers are frozen and ready-to-cook.

Ingredients: grassfed ground beef,* onions,* beef liver,* parsley,* Celtic sea salt, thyme,* black pepper*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, grain-free, and GAPS Diet-friendly.

Chicken Liver Pâté

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Organic chicken livers are seared and puréed with onions, lots of grassfed butter, sea salt, mustard, parsley, a few drops of brandy, black pepper and cloves for a rich and nourishing spread that is topped with a thin layer of butter to preserve freshness. One of our most popular dishes, it's perfect on Morell's rye bread or the irresitable Cult Crackers.

Ingredients: chicken livers,* butter,* onions,* parsley,* chicken bone broth, Celtic sea salt, white wine,* Dijon mustard* (non-grain distilled vinegar, mustard seed, salt, clove), thyme,* black pepper,* mace,* cloves*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free and contains butter.

Turkish Red Pepper & Walnut Dip (Muhammara)

$1.50 Glass Deposit

A delightful spread for crudites, crackers, or bread. This Turkish dip features roasted red peppers, walnuts, pomegranate molasses, garlic and citrus, and can be enjoyed any way you would hummus. Our version follows traditional recipes, but substitutes gluten-free bread crumbs, and uses our activated Crispy Walnuts instead of raw ones.

Ingredients: sweet red peppers,* Crispy Walnuts,* gluten-free breadcrumbs from Bread Srsly bread and rolls (millet flour, sorghum flour, white rice flour, arrowroot, psyllium husk, sorghum sourdough starter, salt, xanthan gum),* preserved lemon,* Seka Hills extra virgin olive oil,* pomegranate concentrate,* lemon juice,* garlic,* cumin,* paprika (sweet & smoked),* Celtic sea salt

Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, black pepper-free and dairy-free.

Caponata (Vegan)

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Eggplant is gently simmered with celery, olives, capers, tomatoes and olive oil with a bit of red wine vinegar. The resulting chunky spread is traditionally served on bread or crostini. It can also be stirred into rice or pasta and served either warm, as a salad or as an appetizer with our Crispy Almonds chopped and added as a garnish.

Ingredients: eggplant,* crushed tomatoes,* celery,* onions,* capers, green olives, olive oil, parsley,* red wine vinegar,* Celtic sea salt, black pepper* (*=organic)

Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

Basil Pesto (Vegetarian)

$1.50 Glass Deposit

This rich and zesty pesto stars basil, along with luscious Seka Hills olive oil, produced by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation in the Capay Valley, our housemade Crispy Walnuts and authentic Parmigiano Reggiano.

Ingredients: olive oil, basil,* Crispy Walnuts,* Parmigiano Reggiano,* lemon juice,* garlic,* Celtic sea salt, black pepper,* lemon zest*  (* = organic)

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, nightshade-free, contains dairy, and is GAPS Diet-friendly.

Kalamata Olive & Walnut Tapenade (Vegan)

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Our version of a classic olive tapenade, developed by our Fermentation & Preservation team. We use California grown kalamata olives, Crispy Walnuts, fresh parsley, lemon, garlic, and lovely Seka Hills olive oil. Try it with Sierra Nevada chevre and Morell's bread.

Ingredients: Kalamata olives (brined in red wine vinegar, sea salt, sunflower oil, grape must), olive oil, parsley,* garlic,* Crispy Walnuts,* lemon juice,* Dijon mustard* (non-grain distilled vinegar, mustard seed, sea salt, clove) (* = organic)

Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nightshade-free, black pepper-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

Carrot Cake (Vegetarian)


Finally, a truly nutritious carrot cake that doesn't need to be smothered in frosting to be appealing! This lovely cake stands on its own, with just the right balance of density and fluff, sweet and nutty, with coconut oil and browned Straus butter, baked with fresh, naturally sweet local carrots. The sprouted spelt flour is more nutrient-dense and more digestible that ordinary wheat flour.

Ingredients: carrots,* sprouted spelt flour,* pastured eggs,* palm sugar,* butter,* coconut oil,* shredded coconut,* vanilla extract,* ginger,* cinnamon,* baking powder, baking soda, Celtic sea salt  (* = organic)

Recipe is vegetarian and contains dairy.

Vanilla Chia Pudding

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Chia seeds were a critical source of nutrients for the indigenous peoples of the Americas, and are now enjoying a comeback as a superfood, with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. In this delicious preparation, coconut milk, pureed dates, honey and vanilla are mixed with chia seeds which plump up and form a pudding-like consistency. Delicious and nutritious!

Ingredients: Native Forest coconut milk (guar gum-free),* chia seeds,* raw unfiltered honey, dates,* vanilla extract,* Celtic sea salt (*=organic)

Recipe is raw, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.