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Pickup and Delivery of Online Orders 

There Are FIVE Ways to get Your Order


1.  Personal Pickup:  When placing a pre-order, choose a pickup day, then come to our kitchen that day to get your order. You can purchase additional items in our store at that time. We are open for pre-order pickup and store shopping:   


2.  "Cluster" Pickup: You can join a pickup “cluster” group in your area. Cluster participants take turns picking up weekly orders for the group.  For information on current clusters contact


3.  Door-to-Door Delivery: Your order is delivered for a fee. See below for details.


4.  Group Drop-off Delivery: Your order is delivered to a drop-off location for a fee. You must come to the drop-off site to pick up your order. See below for details.


5.  Real Food (Bay Area) CSA:  RFBA is an independent company that delivers certain TSH products and items from other producers to neighborhood drop-off locations around the Bay Area. RFBA charges a small fee per item, along with applicable glass deposits, which can be returned for credit. 

Late Pick-up policy 

Our menus are named, "Week of DD-MM-YY" with the date being a Wednesday (except on certain holidays when we adjust the pickup schedule). This indicates that our order pickup starts on that Wednesday. The Saturday following the specified Wednesday is the last day to pick up orders from our University Avenue kitchen for that week. If you have an emergency and are unable to pick up your order, please email us by Saturday 5:30pm of the specified week at

Unless prior arrangements have been made with us, unclaimed orders will be forfeited to the kitchen for staff use after that point. Only non-perishable items will be credited back to your account, and your account will be charged a $5 restocking fee per order. 

If you have scheduling challenges:

  • Arrange for someone else to pick up your order during pick-up/store hours. Please add a note in the notes section when placing your order telling us who is picking up your order.
  • Choose delivery, which is available in the East Bay, San Francisco and Marin. See below for details.
  • You can purchase certain Three Stone Hearth products from the Natural Grocery Company in Berkeley or El Cerrito, open daily from 8:30am-8:30pm.

Returning Jars (and Delivery Packaging) for Credit on Your Account


Bring your CLEAN mason jars, beverage and milk bottles when you pick up your order. Let your order packer know how many jars you brought back, for credit on your account. Make sure you turn in one copy of your order receipt as you leave, in order to receive your glass credits.



Place CLEAN mason jars, beverage and milk bottles in your delivery box. Return all delivery packing materials: ice packs, igloos, silver insulation, and red & gray delivery bins. We clean and re-use packing items as much as possible.  Returning them helps us minimize costs and our impact on the environment. 

Fill out a glass return form included in your previous order. PLEASE PRINT! If you do not have a glass return form a letter size piece of paper will do. Include account holder’s first and last name, date, and the number of mason jars (including beverage bottles), and milk/cream bottles that you are returning and place it in the bin with the jars.

Door-to-Door delivery customers can place their box on the porch and it will be picked-up when your next order is delivered.

Group drop-off delivery bins should be left in a designated spot decided by the host. Please be respectful of the host’s home by stacking boxes neatly.

When the delivery bins with the paperwork are returned to us, we will credit your account accordingly. Please allow two weeks from time of return for your credit to appear. You can verify receipt of credit by checking your online account.  If you have any questions, please visit our Contact page. 

Door-to-Door Delivery

NOTE: Delivery drivers for TSH, Miles is an independent contractor who collect fees directly from delivery customers. Checks for door-to-door delivery fees can either be mailed directly to Miles or Robert, or they can be left in an envelope in an agreed-upon place on site.

LocationDay & Time PeriodDelivery Service Contact InformationCost & Payment Information
East Bay
(Richmond to Oakland)*

5pm - 10:30pm

Miles Newcombe
P.O. Box 11951
Berkeley, CA 94712
$20 for each order delivery 
Make out a check to "Miles Newcombe."
San Francisco Thursday
3pm - 9pm
Miles Newcombe
P.O. Box 11951
Berkeley, CA 94712
$20 each order delivery
Make out a check to "Miles Newcombe."
(San Rafael to Sausalito only**)

6pm - 10:30pm

Robert Harten


Three Stone Hearth
1581 University Ave.,
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 981-1334 TSH Voicemail
$20 each order delivery
Make out a check to "Robert Harten"




*East Bay delivery range

Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Kensington, and Oakland. Customers in the East Bay living outside these areas need to contact Miles to determine if delivery is possible. Approved deliveries outside the range are subject to an additional charge depending on the distance. 

**Marin delivery range

Approved delivery range: south of Marin Civic Center (Hwy 101 San Pedro Rd exit), east of Sir Francis Drake Blvd & Red Hill Ave intersection in San Anselmo, and nothing south of Sausalito. Customers in the Marin area living outside this delivery radius need to contact Robert Harten to confirm if delivery is possible, and to confirm the fee. Approved deliveries outside the range are subject to an additional charge depending on the distance. 


When placing your order, please add “New Delivery Customer” to the NOTES section of your order. This helps us confirm your delivery location is within the delivery radius for the area you are in.

Group Drop-off Delivery

Group drop-off sites are hosted by customers of Three Stone Hearth and serve as a central location where a group of orders can be delivered at one time. This reduces the cost of delivery, and lessens the environmental impact. We are grateful to our hosts for offering their homes as delivery locations.

If you choose a group drop, the location and pick-up details will appear on your order and in a follow-up email. Please pick-up on the designated delivery day during pick-up times listed below and respect the host's privacy by not disturbing them while picking up your order. Leave your CLEAN glass returns for the following week’s pickup inside a delivery bin along with the completed glass return paperwork, in the designated pickup location.

Checks for group drop-off delivery fees should be mailed directly to Miles or Robert, as noted below.

If you have any questions or problems with delivery, contact Miles Newcombe directly.

If you have questions about your order (our products) please visit our Contact page. 


Location of Host SiteDay & Time Period for PickupDelivery Service Contact InformationCost & Payment Information
(Crocker Highlands)

6pm - 9pm

Miles Newcombe
P.O. Box 11951
Berkeley, CA 94712
$10 each group drop order delivery
Make out a check to "Miles Newcombe" and mail it to him.

San Francisco
(Glen Park)


Driver arrives between 4pm - 6pm, Customer pick-up up to 9 pm
Miles Newcombe
P.O. Box 11951
Berkeley, CA 94712
$10 each group drop order delivery
Make out a check to "Miles Newcombe" and mail it to him.
San Rafael
(Near No. San Pedro Rd Exit off HWY 101)

5 pm - 8pm

NOT Currently serving this location with a group drop.


$10 each group drop order delivery
Make out a check to "Robert Harten" and mail it to him.