Other Places To Find Our Food

Some Three Stone Hearth products are available at The Natural Grocery Company, at their two locations, El Cerrito Natural Grocery and Berkeley Natural Grocery. While the prices are a bit higher than what you would pay buying directly from us, some customers find the convenience worth it. Both stores are open seven days a week.

Some of our foods are available at Re-Up Refill Shop on College Avenue in the Rockridge neighborhood on the Oakland-Berkeley border. A kindred spirit with Three Stone Hearth, Re-Up specializes in foods, body care and household products in reusable, refillable containers (like our Mason jars). They collect jar deposits and give credits for returns on our products, just as we do, They're open seven days a week.

Many of our housemade and retail products are also available through Real Food (Bay Area) CSA, an independent business based in the South Bay that delivers a variety of nutrient-dense foods to neighborhood drop-off sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. See their website for details of product offerings and delivery options. RFBA adds a small charge per item, and collects any applicable glass deposits.