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Body Care

Luminance Rosewater Toner

3.9 oz. spray pump bottle

Organic Natural Rose Facial Toner Spraying yourself with this Rosewater is like swimming in freshly plucked rose petals. It's fragrant, pure, and will leave your face dewey with rose oil. It also serves as a pH adjustment. This is how you help your face correct dry skin, oily skin, and skin that vacillates between the two (combination skin).

Tap water is too alkaline for your face (sometimes in the high 9s). Your face is happy in the upper 6s. Spray your face with rose water after exposing it to tap water and your skin will thank you for it. Luminance's rosewater is not a hydrosol. It doesn't have any alcohol, solvents or astringent. Just pure rosewater.

Ingredients: 100% pure RO filtered rosewater

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