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Simply Being Well, Nourishing Healthy Babies Chart

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Expecting a baby? Know someone who is? Want some clarity about which foods to introduce to your child and when? Order your Nourishing Healthy Babies: First Real Foods chart today! It is the only chart to offer all the nourishing, traditional, nutrient-dense foods your baby needs to grow and thrive starting at 4 months to over one year on one handy page! It includes categories of beverages, healthy fats, protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts and legumes, including preparation techniques. Chart Details: It is 12" x 18" and hand illustrated. It is laminated for years of use, and easy to wipe off should it be splashed with pureed avocado or egg yolk! The chart is also beautiful enough to frame; truly “functional kitchen art”. It is lovely to look at, simple to follow, and full of great information about how to feed your baby! Note: One side has the hand-lettered information and the other side is blank.

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