Did you know?
If everyone in the U.S. flosses their teeth according to ADA recommendations, every year our empty containers alone would fill a landfill the size of a football field that’s 6 stories high—just for the empty floss dispensers! —

Thanks to Beth Terry Author of Plastic Free we have found an alternative that is plastic-free and zero waste: Natural dental floss that comes in its own refillable glass jar!

It is made from 100% natural mulberry silk and is coated in a natural plant-based candelilla wax making it completely biodegradable. 

It's a key element of an eco-friendly oral hygiene routine and goes great with our Brush with Bamboo natural toothbrushes, and Rupam's Tooth Soaps.

This product comes with two 33-yard / 30 m rolls of natural dental silk, to refill your container. The extra dental silk is packaged in a biodegradable PLA bioplastic bag that is biodegradable in industrial composting facilities or in a home composter within 6 - 12 months. A

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