Frontier Angel Soap makes exquisitely wholesome environmentally responsible products for the body and for the home!

Located in the Sierra foothills of California, Frontier Angel Soap has been in business since 2002. It started with a woman who wasn’t happy with her options in commercial body care and a mission to make a product that her customers could trust would be wholesome and natural. It continues as a dependable source for natural, handmade, and environmentally conscious alternatives in quality skincare with our primary product being a luscious bar soap in several different styles and perfume blended essential oils.

Doing something good for yourself and our environment is easy when you use Frontier Angel products.

Frontier Angel is so excited to offer a lovely line of natural hair care that is exquisite for your hair and scalp and reduces waste by eliminating plastic bottles!

Frontier's Angel Conditioning Hair Tonic is an all-new and all-natural hair conditioning experience! This leave-in conditioner is lightweight enough for oily hair but manages flyaway and frizz with ease! Use in conjunction with Frontier Angel Shampoo Bars and/or Hair & Scalp Serum or on its own to scrunch curls or smooth your hair halo! It’s also nice to use just on your ends to soften and protect the dry tips of your hair. The simple but elegant spray bottle allows for easy application.

The Conditioning Hair Tonic is made with only the most wholesome essential oils and hydrosols of rosemary, lemongrass, spearmint, and lavender.

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