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Frozen -- Matzo Ball Dough

1 pint jar

In some Jewish households, rivalries break out over the question of matzo ball density. Traditionalists insist that old-school dense and dumpling-like is authentic, while others say if it doesn't float it's no go! We have discovered the perfect spot between hearty and fluffy. Organic matzo meal from Streit's in Brooklyn is bound and enriched with plenty of pastured eggs and our own luscious schmaltz (chicken fat infused with caramelized onions). Just scoop and simmer. Our Chicken Vegetable Soup awaits!

Ingredients: pastured eggs,* matzo meal,* schmaltz* (chicken fat,* caramelized onions*), parsley,* onions,* carbonated mineral water, Allstar Organics celery salt*  (* = organic)

Recipe is dairy-free, black pepper-free and nightshade-free.

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