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Cream Co. Meats -Uncured Rustic Sugar Free Pork Bacon - Sliced 8 oz. (Ex former Keller Crafted Meats)

8 oz

Cream Co. sources from small, family-owned ranches and artisan producers from across the West Coast. They believe in a radically transparent and decentralized regional sourcing model, that follows natural resources—grass-fed lamb from the grass seed capital of the world and grass-fed beef pastured at varying altitudes for year-round grass.

Cream Co. is the only 100% natural-or-better USDA meat processor and distributor in the Inner Bay Area. All of their ranching partners undergo rigorous annual third-party auditing and carry multiple certifications that speak to their individual practices. These include: Organic, Non-GMO, 100% Grass-fed, Grass-fed & Grain-finished, Humane Certified, and Certified Regenerative.

Cream Co.'s mission is to revolutionize a highly commoditized industry by creating new opportunities for people to enjoy animal proteins responsibly.

Sugar-Free Bacon (Frozen) 

Cream Co Meats Sugar-Free Pork Bacon is the embodiment of savory perfection for those who appreciate the pure essence of bacon. Crafted from heritage-breed pork bellies, this rustic bacon is naturally brined without the addition of nitrates or nitrites. Slow-smoked in small batches over hickory wood, it boasts a delightful smokiness that pairs wonderfully with its savory profile. The result is bacon that caramelizes flawlessly, adding depth and savoriness to every bite. Whether you're enjoying it for breakfast, adding it to sandwiches, or incorporating it into your favorite recipes, this bacon delivers exceptional taste and quality.

Ingredients: Heritage Breed Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Celery Powder (Sea Salt, Celery Powder), Cherry Powder.

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