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Body Care

L'Olivo Magico Hand Care Cake SMALL

1 Small Hand Care Cake

The combining of olive oil and beeswax to produce a medicinal skin-repair balm originiated among the beekeepers of Tuscany, Italy ages ago. The O'livo Magico Hand Care Cake is a practical and pleasant version of this traditional balm which soothes and protects. 

Extra virgin olive oil and pure, fresh, fragrant beeswax are combined into a solid cake which you simply rub between your hands to soften the cake and then smooth the balm onto your skin.

Allow the balm to be absorbed by your skin for a minute or two and notice eh silky-smoothness it imparts. The wax wil form an unnoticable barrier while the extra virgin olive oil penetrates to heal and soften.

The Hand Care Cake formula ws developed in Tuscany, Italy in 1990 by Christy Herman. She later brought the production to California. The cakes are produced by hand, molded one by one in very small batches which accounts for slight variations in color and shape. The hand care cakes are long-lasting and have a long shelf life. It is recommended that you use within two years of purchase. Store in a cool dry place. 

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, virgin bees wax, camphor 


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