The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative is a small coffee roasting company located in Emeryville, California. It grew out of a desire to bring to the market the finest Organic, Fair Trade Coffee in a work environment that respects the rights and dignity of all who work to produce it. The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative roast their coffee beans and deliver them fresh to us each week for your order.

Peruvian French Roast

We have French Roasted our coffee from the cooperative Norandino in Peru for the fans of the dark side when it comes to a bold cup. These high quality beans retain a smooth flavor while offering aromas and flavors that are inherent in this darker roast profile. Sourced Organic & Fairtrade.

Ubuntu purchases all of it's coffee from small family organic farmers organized in democratic, fair trade cooperatives and associations.  Working with small scale producers, who can put great care into their parcel of land combined with the collective resources of the cooperative produces a top quality product.  For more information on all of the coffees we source visit  


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