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Three Stone Hearth will temporarily close for major building repair from Monday March 16 until early JULY 

To Our Customers and Greater Community,

Many of you are aware that last Spring we discovered the support structure for our roof at 1581 University Avenue was damaged and in need of extensive repair. On the advice of several experts, we closed for a week and installed support scaffoldings at key points so that the space would remain safe for our staff and customers while we worked with our landlord on a plan for the larger repair.


That plan is now in place, and this means Three Stone Hearth will temporarily close for 2-3 months. 

Planned Timeline:

  • Last menu goes up online: Thursday, March 5

  • Last store day, Sunday, March 15, 10am-2pm

  • First new menu goes up online: late May or early June


It was not an easy decision to close for this long. We know that many people rely on TSH for uniquely nourishing foods, and our employees rely on TSH for their livelihoods. We looked into relocating, both temporarily and permanently, but nothing was feasible. Any scenario required extra work to manage even a fraction of our production, on top of the work and costs of moving out and back in, shutting down and restarting operations. While we are going to lose a lot of revenue during this closure, we will at least minimize extra expenses and give ourselves a chance to take a break before we restart. 


  During this closure…

  • We are selling some TSH products at the Berkeley Farmers Markets 
  • Our cooks will be available as Personal Chefs
  • You can support Our Staff while they’re out of work through a  crowdfunding campaign, coming soon!

❖ We’re at the Berkeley Farmers Markets!

One bright note — besides the much nicer new lighting we’ll have in our space — is that not all our operations will be impacted by the repair work. Our main space, which includes the kitchen, store & order pickup areas will be completely shut down. However, our Fermentation & Preservation, dishwashing and food storage areas are located in an adjoining building and can remain in use during the repair work.  We can’t cook, but we can ferment and dehydrate!

With this in mind, starting this past Tuesday, we began selling some of our Fermentation & Preservation products at the South Berkeley Tuesday Farmers Market, and we’re hoping to be at the North Berkeley Thursday Market soon. We’ll be offering sauerkrauts, kimchis and pickles, fermented beverages including Kefirs, Beet Kvass, Cabbage Tonic, Fruit Shrubs and Friar’s Cyder, Pestos and Cultured Condiments, snacks such as Granola, Paleo Crunch and Transit Bars, and our Dried Soup Mix and Onion Dip.


❖ Our Cooks can be Your Personal Chefs

We are doing what we can to help our staff to make it through this period and return to work here, such as covering health care costs during the break, facilitating unemployment benefits, looking to other businesses to provide temporary work. 

One opportunity to keep your supply of nutrient-dense foods and help our staff is to engage their services as Personal Chefs during the closure. You’ll see that information on our website before we close, and you can contact any of those staff members to prepare broth, main and side dishes, snacks, desserts or whatever else you need during this time. 


❖ Crowdfunding to Help our Staff 

Drawing inspiration from the Arizmendi Collective’s experience weathering an extended closure, we are hoping to raise money to help our staff get through this period and return to TSH.  We will launch a crowdfunding campaign very soon to supplement their unemployment benefits, so that we don’t have to lose the many dedicated and talented people who ARE Three Stone Hearth. We know we can count on the support of our community to lend a hand to the Hands that Feed You!


In the spirit of “trust the universe,” we’re hoping the challenges of this situation give rise to new opportunities for Three Stone Hearth to evolve and thrive. We plan to come back stronger, more focused and committed than ever, and in a lovelier, more open space.

We know this is a lot to take in. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas at  And start stocking up your freezer!


As always, we thank you for your support and for being part of our community.

The Worker-Owners of Three Stone Hearth

Visit Us at the Berkeley Farmers Market!

Tuesdays, 2-6:30pm

@ Adeline St. and Alcatraz Ave.

We accept cash, credit and Farmers Market tokens

(You can’t use your online account there)


FAQ about TSH’s upcoming temporary closure


Are you closing for good?

Definitely NOT!  We will reopen as soon as the roof repair work is completed and we can move everything back into our space and restart production.  


What about my account credit?

Any balance on your account when we close will be available as soon as we reopen.  We encourage customers to stock up before we close. It will certainly help us weather this time financially, and help you weather it nutritionally!


Can I bring back glass when you're not open?

Return your glass before we close...this is a perfect time for spring cleaning! Any TSH, Claravale or Evergreen Acres jars and bottles you can return before we close would be immensely appreciated!  We will be accepting glass returns at our table at the Berkeley Farmers Markets, with a limit of 20 returns per customer per day. We encourage you not to return large quantities of glass there if possible, as it will deplete the cash reserves of our cashiers and make extra hauling, sorting and cleaning work for a very small crew.


What do I do with the delivery materials?

Any hard plastic bins, styrofoam coolers, silver insulated bags and ice packs you can return with upcoming delivery orders would be greatly appreciated. We’ll likely schedule a separate day to pick up materials from people who haven’t ordered for delivery.


What’s the best way to ensure I get the products I want to stock up before you close?

Order EARLY online. Our menu goes live Thursday evening, and ordering early will both guarantee you get what you want and help us manage our production to try and meet everyone’s needs.


How long do your products keep in refrigeration or in the freezer?

To see our detailed explanation of shelf life, storage, freezing and reheating for our products, go to


What if I have an issue with something I bought or another concern?

You can email us at We will be checking our emails and responding to any customer correspondence.


How will I know when you are re-opening?

If you don’t receive our email newsletter, use the sign up sheet in our store or go to ourwebsite to sign up. We’ll keep everyone updated as to the progress of the repair work and our schedule for re-opening.