Kale Chips Quart: JAR Spring Fennel, Fuji Apple & Lamb Broth

4.8 oz. jar

The Springtime lambs, the delicate fennel fronds, the cool crisp bite of apple, what newness with which this spring blesses us! This kale chip nourishes like an ephemeral spring breeze, sweetly and softly to the core. Our lambs are raised at True Grass Farms in Marin, a regenerative ranch whose work, like these chips, aims to leave the whole system fundamentally renewed. 100% Organic, Regeneratively-grown ingredients: curly green kale, sprouted sunflower seeds, fennel, fuji apples, pastured lamb bone broth, pastured ghee, black pepper, lavender blossoms, Umi plum vinegar, sea salt Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, GAPS Diet-friendly

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