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SOLD OUT. Week-Long Kitchen & Business Intensive - Deposit (5/23/18 - 5/29/18)

Deposit for 6.5 days

Have you wondered what goes into creating the products we offer at Three Stone Hearth? Would you like to learn more about our cooperative business model? This week-long intensive is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the work and culture of our Community Supported Kitchen. The session includes six and a-half days of classes, presentations and hands-on learning. Best part: a nutrient-dense communal lunch with our staff is included each day.

The learning objectives and opportunities include:

  • Three Stone Hearth’s business model, including history, organizational governance, operations, and finances.

  • The tools and skills required to run a Community-Supported Kitchen.

  • The principles underlying our model:

    • The nutritional principles of traditional diets

    • The economic principles of worker cooperatives

    • The organizational principles of our governance system, Holacracy, and of self-managing and self-organizing approaches in general.

  • Hands-on experience in the kitchen. Learn how to cook community-scale recipes following a traditional diets approach.

  • Connecting with others who are interested in the model, as well as with those of us who have made this our livelihood.

We ask you to make a $150 deposit to save your spot by registering through our web site. You will receive more information regarding due dates once we have a minimum of five people registered for the intensive. Please don’t make any travel arrangements before we confirm with you and read our FAQ document on our education page. If you have any questions, please email us at

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