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Champ Pro Plus

30 grams

Dr. Louisa Williams formulated CHAMP Pro Plus out of frustration. None of the probiotics on the market tested well both clinically on her patients as well as energetically using her Matrix Reflex Testing method (similar to but more specific than kinesiology). The “CHAMP" is the only probiotic in the world that uses baobab as the prebiotic. Many other companies use prebiotics that is problematic such as inulin (allergenic and pharmaceutically-derived), FOS (sugary and the chicory source is allergenic, and again pharmaceutically processed), and potato starch (allergenic). In contrast, baobab fruit just drops from the baobab tree when it is ripe and is then easily ground into a powder—without the need for any pharmaceutical drugs or solvents.
It’s important to remember that prebiotics is vital. The excellent TSH foods can supply us with adequate probiotic bacteria, but for those foods to survive and thrive in our intestines we need the resistant starch in prebiotics that these beneficial bacteria can feed on. Additionally, a very small amount of aloe is included—it is strong so not much is needed, which breaks down to mannose in the gut to help support intercellular communication in the intestine. This can reduce the miscommunication that underlies (diagnosed or undiagnosed) autoimmune tendencies so common in the modern-day gut.
This product has recently been improved with more baobab powder!
  • Baobab prebiotic generates butyrate—the preferred fuel of the colon cells to optimize intestinal motility, heal the mucosa and villi, and reduce "leaky gut"
  • The Hadza in Africa eat this baobab powder and have a diverse and superior gut microbiome
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus longum beneficial bacteria certified by ATCC Lab in Virginia
  • Aloe for better cellular signaling and communication


ADULTS – take 1 scoop (500 mg or ~ one-fourth of a teaspoon) mixed in a little water to dissolve, at
least ten minutes away from meals (best first thing in the morning), daily or every other day. Sensitive or
ill individuals may want to begin with a gentler dosage of less than 1 scoop, taken only one to three
times a week initially, and then build up over time. Those with particularly chronic intestinal gas,
discomfort and pain, constipation, or diarrhea often find that after the initial break-in gentle-dosing
period, 2 scoops a day (1000 mg or ~ one-half of a teaspoon) can be more effective at reducing these

INFANTS AND CHILDREN – 1 scoop taken approximately two times a week. If your child is ill and/
or very sensitive, begin with less than one scoop one time only, and then closely monitor his/her
symptoms (mood, energy and focus, bowel movements, etc.) in order to decide on the most appropriate
future individualized dose. However, for an acute infection when stronger measures can be appropriate,
a dosage of one scoop two times a day or more may be indicated as long as the child keeps improving.
Then taper off by slowly reducing this acute dosage when symptoms begin to abate.

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