Invoke the essence of Northern California's Pacific Ocean. Nourishing tallow soap made with saponified CA Grass fed beef tallow,  locally harvested Bladderwrack seaweed from Mendocino, CA sea salt,  green tea by Leaves and Flowers of Berkeley, orange blossom water,  and organic essential oil of Neroli.

Bladderwrack, also known as Coast Fucus, is sustainably harvested traditionally by hand in Mendocino, California. Sea Vegetables are the first food of the plant kingdom and the foundation of our food chain.  When the primal waters became saline, it was the ingestion of sea vegetables that led to the development of the first invertebrates. 

Today this same branch of the food kingdom lends calcium and iron and nutrient-binding trace minerals and elements to our bloodstream.  They also perform other miraculous favors such as the removal of heavy metals from our bodies and the regulation of cholesterol. 

SEA CHANGE is a highly nourishing soap for the entire body, including the scalp as a shampoo bar. Wetting this soap activates the benefits of the seaweed, fresh sea salt and aphrodisiac benefits of Neroli essential oil. 

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