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Summer Solace Baby Soft Family Balm - Regenerative Tallow™ + Pastured Leaf Lard

50 ml (1.7 oz jar)

Summer Solace tallow is an artisan line of ethical and organic tallow balms, soaps and candles handcrafted in Oakland.

This super-soft balm brings together the healing powers of pasture-raised Cattle tallow, local beeswax, fair trade, organic cacao butter, and extra-virgin olive oil to create a nourishing moisturizer specially formulated for baby's sensitive skin. With a hint of delicate Kashmir lavender scent to soothe your fussy babe.

Use on babe's hands, face, feet, bum, or any other part that is in need of moisturizing. Perfect for after a bath when the balm can melt over their warm skin.

Ingredients: Organic tallow from California pasture-raised Cattle, organic California-grown marigold (Calendula), organic Peruvian raw fair-trade cacao (Theobroma cacao) butter, Séka Hills extra-virgin olive oil, and organic lavender (Lavandula) essential oil.

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