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Summer Solace Zinc Oxide Tallow Balm-Unscented

60 ml (2 oz jar)

Summer Solace tallow is an artisan line of ethical and organic tallow balms, soaps and candles handcrafted in Oakland.

Pure Unscented
23% Zinc Oxide Tallow Balm
Shield your skin from harsh solar rays with our truly natural, skin-safe, and reef-safe balm made with UVA and UVB protectant non-nano zinc oxide. Formulated for the whole family, our readily absorbable regenerative fatty tallow base melts effortlessly onto the skin, providing nourishing protection without dependence on seed oils or harmful ingredients. Skin-soothing Calendula CO₂ extract is another natural ally in this simple and potent blend.
Pared down to the essentials, this unscented four-ingredient formula is made with the highest quality organic ingredients to ensure utmost safety and purity, keeping your health and the environment in mind.
• 23% uncoated non-nano zinc oxide
 • 1:1 ratio, 1% non-nano zinc oxide to 1 SPF
 • Pasture-raised tallow is known to have naturally occurring sun protection measuring approximately 3-5% SPF
To use, apply liberally and frequently wherever skin is exposed to the elements.
Active Ingredients: Uncoated non-nano zinc oxide (23%)
Non-active Ingredients: Suet tallow (fat) from certified regeneratively-raised Northern California cattle, organic Calendula CO₂ extract, Séka Hills extra-virgin olive oil


60 ml jar
Note: The FDA has not yet evaluated this product for its effectiveness as a sunscreen.
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