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Dairy, Eggs & Almond Milk

Beber Matcha Latte Almond Milk.


***Note:  This product is highly perishable and only has a 4-day shelf life. We receive the freshly made product each week on Wednesday. Beber Almond Milk is implementing some changes and they are working on extending the shelf life of the product up to 10 days but for at least 2 months, the product will only last for 4 days after Wednesdays. We don't recommend ordering for Saturday delivery. 

Matcha has arrived! Beber make thier matcha by blending Beber fresh, organic almondmilk with the highest quality organic Japanese matcha green tea and a touch of organic cane sugar. This beauty is vibrant, earthy, and 100% vegan. As always, no thickeners or preservatives - just pure deliciousness.


Ingredients: filtered water, organic almonds, organic matcha green tea, organic cane sugar. Contains Almonds



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