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Dr. Cowan's Garden Mandarin Orange Infused High Polyphenol Olive Oil

250 ml bottle

Dr. Cowan's Award-winning medicinal-grade organic extra virgin olive oils are unmatched in quality and polyphenolic content, raw and natural, sustainably grown and harvested from cold-pressed Koroneiki variety olives. They source directly from a multigenerational family orchard in the Messenia region of Greece. The orchards sit in a protected, pesticide and chemical-free area atop a small traditional village in Iklena, lovingly cultivated over eight decades to produce the finest quality oil. This EVOO has won multiple gold and silver awards for health and nutrition from the World Olive Center for Health.

Dr. Cowan's Garden's Mandarin Orange Infused High Polyphenol Olive Oil from Greece,  which is made with fresh mandarin oranges, is fantastic over salads, meats, fish, Asian-inspired recipes, cake mixes, and other dishes. Dr. Cowan's Garden's quality Olive Oil is naturally higher in potent “antioxidants” called polyphenols because of the type of trees and proprietary methods used to care for the trees, harvest the olives, and produce the oil. 

  • Lab Tested for High Polyphenol Content
  • Rated “excellent flavor and smell”
  • Winner of Gold and silver awards for health and nutrition


Extra virgin olive oil, organic mandarin orange zest. Nothing else.

Suggested Used

A wonderful all-purpose EVOO infused with fresh mandarin orange zest.

Storage/Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat. Shelf life is approximately 18-24 months if kept between 57 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit.27

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