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Frozen Foods

Frozen -- Creamy Polenta With Spinach and Goat Cheese

1 small tin (5 in X 4 in)

Polenta is steeped in limed water to maximize digestibility and nutrient availability, then cooked until thick and creamy over low heat and enriched with cow milk and butter. We then add sauteed spinach, Sierra Nevada Chevre and herbs. Simple, satisfying, and versatile, polenta can be eaten as a side dish with meat, or as a meal of its own with grated cheese on top. 

Ingredients: polenta,* spinach,* cow milk, goat chevre, butter,*  thyme,* oregano,* Celtic sea salt, nutmeg,* calcium hydroxide (pickling lime, an alkali) (*=organic)

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, nightshade-free and contains dairy.

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