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JST CHCLT 69% Hot Chocolate Bar

1.76 oz bar

Julia Street, a former chocolatier, showcases cacao on its own and paired it with fermented ingredients and by-products of food production (aka food waste). Julia starts with carefully sourced beans, crafts every step by hand, has fun, plays with flavor, and saves food from waste to show you how amazing chocolate truly is.

This chocolate is sure to light things up. Crafted with beans from Camino Verde in Ecuador and fermented green jalapeños, this bar packs a punch.

At first bite, you really get to taste the chocolate, citrusy, and fudgy, and as it finishes, the spice catches up. The more you eat, the spicier it builds. Pay attention to the finish because you can really taste the floral notes of the fermented peppers!

Ingredients: cacao beans from Camino Verde in Ecuador*, cane sugar*, fermented chili paste (Riverdog Farms jalapeños peppers*, sea salt), less than 1% cocoa butter*


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