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Ostara Cocotella A Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter

12 oz. jar

Cocotella is a coconut butter with added cacao nibs and coconut sugar, stone ground for 3 days. It's like a healthier version of Nutella! All the ingredients are organic: it is a mix of healthy coconut fat and sugar that help to deliver direct trade Nicaraguan cacao.


The key difference from other nut butters is the fact that coconut butter is solid at room temperature. However, at temperatures of 76 degrees and above, it starts to melt. This makes the butter more pliable and spreadable.


This product has been stone ground in small batches for 24 hours at a low speed and low temperature. This creates a texture and taste impossible to replicate in high-speed, high-throughput metal processing machines (metal-on-metal cutting machines have implications for quicker oxidation and rancidity as well as zinc and cadmium toxicity in food). The result is a silky smooth texture without grit or dryness and a sweeter flavor.


Ingredients: Coconut, Cocoa Nibs and Coconut sugar.

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