Winter 2 Weekly Menu

Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato Pie

1 large tin (7.5 in X 5.5 in)

Marin Sun Farms pasture-raised heritage breed pork leg is brined for enhanced flavor and nutrition, then slowly braised in a smoky, saucy mineral-rich bone broth. The resulting pulled pork is layered with mashed sweet potatoes for an irresistible savory pie evocative of the best of Southern cooking.

Ingredients: pastured pork, sweet potatoes,* pork bone broth, onions, Native Forest coconut milk (guar gum-free),* tomato paste,* coconut oil,* unfiltered honey, garlic,* Celtic sea salt, apple cider vinegar,* paprika,* smoked paprika,* housemade chili powder (pasilla & guajillo chiles, sweet paprika,* onion powder,* oregano,* cumin*), coriander,* fennel,* black pepper,* cayenne,* nutmeg,* allspice*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free.

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