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Frozen -- French Onion Soup -- 22oz.

22 ounces in a 24 oz jar

Onions are slowly caramelized in olive oil, then simmered in our beef bone broth with fresh thyme, bay leaves, and dry white wine for the classic base for French Onion Soup. You can add your own sliced toasted bread and then melt some Graziers cheese on top for a complete, nutrient-dense meal! This soup also makes a perfect base for a pot roast — just add a jar to a crock pot with a one-pound roast and let it simmer.

Ingredients: onions,* grassfed beef bone broth, white wine,* olive oil, Celtic sea salt, black pepper,* fresh and dried thyme,* bay leaves*. (*=organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, nightshade-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.* *Contains heated olive oil

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