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Frozen Foods

Frozen -- Golden Rice with Ghee, Saffron and Currants

1 small tin (5 in X 4 in)

Sprouted rice is slowly steamed, then mixed with housemade ghee (another Ayurvedic staple), caramelized onions and currants, and infused with turmeric, cinnamon and a heady hint of organic Kashmiri saffron.

Word is out about the powerhouse combination of turmeric and black pepper! One of the basic spices in Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric's healing qualities are exponentially amplified with a touch of black pepper. Our Golden Blend is a traditional paste that serves as a base for hot drinks, and here we use the same combination in a savory rice dish.

Ingredients: Massa Organics brown rice,* currants, ghee (made from Straus butter), onion,* Celtic Sea salt, turmeric, saffron, cinnamon, black pepper* (*=organic)

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free and contains dairy in the form of ghee.

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