SFBMC Hayden's Viburnum 2 oz. (menstrual cramp formula)

2 oz. bottle

San Francisco Botanical Medicine Clinic Hayden’s Viburnum Complex: The Menstrual Cramp Formula. This classic formulation has been in circulation since the late 1800s, when herbal medicine was part of the mainstream in the United States. It is incredibly effective at quickly bringing down the uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation. (Reports of 1 -2 doses bringing down symptoms by 90%, are not uncommon). The effects are that much more effective with hot water poured over the dose and drunk while warm (though still reliably effective if taken without).

Ingredients: Wild Crafted black haw root, cramp bark root bark, trillium leaf, wild yam root, skullcap leaf and flower, clove buds, cinnamon bark, orange water and grain alcohol.

Herbal extracts are metabolically active. Please use responsibly and consult an herbalist if necessary.

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