Mead & Mead's Grade A Maple Syrup (small)

250 ml bottle

Mead & Mead’s Maple Grade A syrup is produced by master syrup maker Winter Mead in the Canaan Valley of Connecticut. Produced from hardwood forests without use of any fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, Mead's embodies conservation and sustainability in its farming practices. Delight in sweetness this Winter with Mead's "Amber Rich"/"Dark Robust" Grade A syrups, rich in maple flavor and full of minerals and antioxidants. Mead’s Maple Grade A syrup is delicious poured on pancakes or used in baking. The elegant Mead’s Maple bottles make a memorable gift as well. Note: Mead's Grade A syrup varies between an "Amber Rich" and a "Dark Robust" categorization and so there will be some color variation among this Grade A syrup.

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