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Philosopher Foods Coconut Butter

6 oz. jar

NEW: REBRANDED and RESIZED Philosopher Foods Regenerative Organic Certified™ Stone-Ground Coconut ButterPhilosopher foood's coconut butter is stone ground in small batches, making it smooth, creamy, soft, and moist, unlike commercially mass-produced coconut butters, which are chalky, hard, and dry. That's because the fat, fiber, and protein are evenly distributed during our 24 hours of slowly stone-grinding the product to the point where it is a drinkable molten white gold, which then solidifies at room temperature. Their non-stone-ground competitors use high-speed, high-temperature metal-cutting machines that process thousands of pounds per hour. This results in the oils being unevenly separated, creating the chalky dryness that ruins coconut butter for most people.

Ingredients: Contains: Coconut 100% Regenerative Organic Certified™ Coconut


• Made in United States • Shelf life: 12–24 months • Storage: Shelf-stable

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