Frozen -- Hearty Beef Soup with Seasonal Vegetables 22 oz

22 ounces in a 24 oz jar

Our classic beef soup features Marin Sun Farms grassfed beef, slowly simmered in a mineral-rich bone broth with cauliflower, carrots from Paul's Produce and chard from County Line Harvest (both in Sonoma). It is seasoned with onions, tomato paste and mild savory spices.

Ingredients: grassfed beef,* beef bone broth,* onions,* cauliflower,* celery,* carrots,* chard,* crushed tomatoes,* tomato paste,* Celtic sea salt, apple cider vinegar,* thyme,* garlic,* mustard seeds,* celery seeds,* black pepper,* bay leaves*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and GAPS Diet-friendly.

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