Fresh baby arugula is pureed with Seka Hills olive oil, garlic, fresh parsley, our Crispy Walnuts, lemon juice, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for a piquant pesto sauce. It can be dolloped on fish or meat, or used to dress lettuces, bean salad or pasta, or served with polenta, rice or any other cooked grain. A great way to get your green on!

Ingredients: olive oil, arugula,* Crispy Walnuts,* lemon juice,* Parmigiano Reggiano,* parsley,* garlic, Celtic sea salt, lemon zest,* black pepper* (*=organic)

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, nightshade-free, GAPS Diet-friendly, and contains dairy (Parmigiano Reggiano).

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