Aster Tezare grew up in Eritrea where everyone kept a jar of kemem tsebhi on hand to add to lentils, beans, or rice or to spread on bread such as injera. This version of the condiment is pureed with a combination of parsley, ginger, roasted and raw garlic, and Seka Hills olive oil. It is perfect for stirring into broth or for topping soup, stew, fish, grains, or chicken for added brightness and flavor. Aster, who was our sister in the kitchen before moving to Sacramento, claims it will cure any cold. We always offer this as an accompaniment to Ethiopian Beef Stew with Carrots. Check the Frozen section for that product!

Ingredients: garlic,* ginger,* parsley,* olive oil,* Celtic sea salt (*=organic)

Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, nightshade-free, black pepper-free and GAPS/Paleo Diets-friendly.

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