Chicken bone broth is simmered with mild ancho chiles, tomato, onions, herbs and spices, and then pureed until smooth. Use to make homemade enchiladas or stir into rice for a quick and easy version of Mexican Red Rice. It is also traditional to cook eggs in Enchilada Sauce and serve over tortillas for Huevos Rancheros. Broth-based sauces not only add deep flavor, they bring the digestive benefits of concentrated bone broth to meaty and starchy dishes.

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Ingredients: pastured chicken bone broth, tomato paste* and puree,* onions,* olive oil, carrots,* ancho chiles, garlic,* oregano,* honey, cumin,* coriander,* housemade chile paste (ancho chile, apple cider vinegar,* filtered water), apple cider vinegar,* Celtic sea salt, Allstar Organic garlic salt, bay leaves,* chipotle powder,* cinnamon,* black pepper,* cloves*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and GAPS/Paleo Diets-friendly (contains heated olive oil).

*Our chicken bone broth comes from a mix of pastured and non-pastured chickens, all of which are raised on an organic diet.

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